Top 10 Tips From The Domestic Removals Pros

Moving home is a seriously stressful task. There’s no sugar-coating it. You’re likely to have some tear-your-hair-out moments during the house moving process. Many people say that moving house is actually one of the toughest things that you’re ever going to have to go through in your lifetime. But don’t let that put you off home removals. Chances are you’re not going to have a choice anyway. You’re going to have to hire house removal services at some point.

Although removals can be stressful, time-consuming, can be a seriously arduous task, there are things that you can do to make the process that much easier. Anything that will minimise your stress levels during the move, keep the price of the process down, improve the overall efficiency of the job and contribute to a smoother move, is surely worth a try. It’s well worth listening to tips from friends and family, others who have gone through the process. They’ve been there, done it, and it’s likely that they’ve got some decent advice, things that you should and shouldn’t do. You should definitely take heed of this advice. But there are other people that you should listen to; movers, those who carry out removal services, those who work in the industry.

They know all the ins and outs of domestic removals. They know what affects the price of a moving service. They know how to cut costs, how to save time, and generally how to ensure you enjoy a smoother move. They’re pros and they’re well worth listening to. It could make all the difference. Utilise this advice, implement these tips when undergoing your own move. Here are top 10 tips from the domestic removal pros.

  1. Book a removal company early. There’s nothing worse than leaving making that all important decision of hiring a moving company until the last minute. You need to allow yourself time to choose the right moving service for you. Bear in mind that the best home removals companies are often booked up for weeks and months. If you want to secure your slot, then you need to get in touch with them well in advance of your move. You don’t want to settle for a company you’re not entirely happy with because your preferred choice is booked up. Secure a company early on and it’ll be a load off your mind.


  1. Write your moving requirements on paper. Create a tick list and shortlist of companies. Then call them up and get quotes.


  1. Get your removals company to come around and view everything you’re taking themselves. Professional companies shouldn’t have a problem doing this. It will enable them to give you an accurate quote.


  1. Have a contingency plan in order. You may need to call up a backup company at the last minute if things go wrong.
  2. Ask the moving company about the possibility of penalty fees or if there’s anything you can do to keep the cost down.


  1. Don’t leave packing until the last minute. This will cause a rush, will result in you making mistakes, and will cause a lot of undue stress.


  1. Think about ease of access; is moving furniture out of your property, or into your new premises going to be a problem?


  1. Ensure the company has blankets, straps, all the necessary equipment to protect your items whilst in transit.


  1. Do a final sweep of the house to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything to pack.


If you don’t know where everything’s going to go in your new place, consider moving items into storage.








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